Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meaning in Mourning

I feel a darkness in my heart since the tragedy in Norway. Fratricide creates a sort of emptiness and awkwardness, conjuring uncomfortable questions about the capacity of human beings and design flaws in the master plan.

I found this quote that helped me feel a little less lost for the moment:
"On earth, God is trying to evolve the universal art of right living by encouraging in men's hearts feelings of brotherhood and appreciation for others.

He has therefore permitted no nation to be complete in itself. To the members of each race He has given some special aptitude, some unique genius, with which they may make a distinctive contribution to the world civilization.

Peace on earth will be hastened by a constructive exchange among nations of their best features. Ignoring the faults of a race, we should discern and emulate its virtues. It is important to note that the great saints of history have personified the ideals of all lands, and have embodied the highest aspirations of all religions." -Paramahansa Yogananda

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