Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Filling a Void

The emphasis of many people's lives is on healing, instead of on enjoying life. I've been subconsciously concerned with rectifying wounds of the past by recreating painful situations in the present. This sort of play-acting can be helpful for learning and growing, if dealt with correctly. But much of the time I've found myself creating the same pattern over and over again, then struggling with regret and confusion about how I perpetuate old habits and beliefs.

"You fell in love because your old brain had your partner confused with your parents! Your old brain believed that it had finally found the ideal antidote to make up for the psychological and emotional damage you experienced in childhood." - Harville Hendrix

If this is even partially true, then we should be able to see our relationship issues coming from a mile away. How your mother felt about you when you were born, the issues your parents dealt with in the first few years of your life, and climactic incidents throughout our early childhood would be the outline for relationships to come. 

But there's so much more to life than living out these tired old stories. To move from the subconscious phase and into the conscious phase, we must embrace each moment with courage and honesty, separating the habitual, tired re-woundings of the past from the beautiful, perfect present.

"To see your drama clearly is to be liberated from it."
- Ken Keyes Jr.

This is my cry! Live each moment for this moment alone! I will see each day as nothing but this day, a perfect play of light and sound, full of miraculous amounts of joy!

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