Thursday, March 24, 2011

Courtside notes

Fernando Verdasco
Here's a free mental health diagnosis. Try a new sport. If you hear yourself saying "doh. stupid" "s#^t" "darn it." "what the heck was that!?" and any other variety that isn't encouraging, supportive, understanding, and sympathetic, then maybe it's time for some thought re-routing. 

Like "nice one," "close," "wow getting better," "tough one, but I almost got it!"

Since we create our reality with our thoughts, we might as well be positive. Plus, chances are we're either projecting or verbalizing those same thoughts about others, and let's just hope it's not our children...

I've taken up tennis.'s been a few years now, but this year it's staying in the court. yeah! nice one. good attitude.

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