Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Greetings from November 2008, a month of much change and excitement. I just returned from a production in Jamaica called "Don't Rock My Boat," a road story about a Brooklyn boy who has to find his way from one side of the island to the other with only his swim trunks after his things were stolen while on an excursion from a cruise ship.

As a first time producer, I can't say the shoot went smoothly...I did learn heaps and loads about producing on a shoestring budget and everything that comes with traveling around Jamaica with 10 men.

The film will go into editing for the next few months and will be submitted to festivals som
etime this Spring. I'll most likely be staying on that project 'til the end, so look forward to seeing that movie upon its completion!

You can check out more production photos here: www.wahdodem.blogspot.com.

Back in New York I spent a week recovering in Amherst and then returned to the City to look for work and enjoy the East Village after a month-long hiatus.

And after a week of praying and asking for help in a BIG WAY, I got a call from a friend whose wife was
looking for an associate producer on her film. She is making a documentary in Africa and needed someone fast, so I'll be starting that work asap. She is an award-winning documentarian with a lot to gain and lose with this project, so I'll refrain from mentioning her until she's closer to completion.

So, in the meantime, I'll be looking for other part-time jobs to fill in the rent check, scheming for ways to start rock climbing in a gym, and helping Paul get his apartment together so we can have dinner parties again.

Happy Thanksgiving.

(Photos by Kevin Bewersdorf and Katina Hubbard)

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I'm ready for "the third"